Responder 1st Assistance Program


After years in law enforcement with little to no real training on how to stay mentally healthy, Responder 1st was started. Through the mistakes and failures of careers and marriages, we as peers and clinicians share our personal and professional lessons learned and potential pitfalls of critical incident stress.

The Peers and Clinicians of Responder 1st have the knowledge and experience to train and/or certify your department members on a host of topics related to the stressors of today’s First Responder. Peer Team training and certifications through the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) as well as seminars on topics such as relationships, recognizing the effects of critical incidents and cumulative stress, and resiliency are just a few.


As a result of seeing first responder clients over the years, it became apparent as a therapist that the impact of critical incident stress on first responders is not just overwhelmingly similar, but potentially preventable. Lack of motivation at work or at home, being easily frustrated, annoyed, feeling numbness, or having loved ones describe you as not the same person you once were, are some of the effects of cumulative stress. Responder 1st builds upon the resiliency you already have and helps you to develop a practical plan that is tailored to your individual needs.