Custom Web Stores

At Hold The Line, we now offer custom web stores for your business, department, unit, or group. These stores are free to set up and be on our website. 

Why use Hold The Line?

- At Hold The Line, we are able to operate on a print on demand platform for most of our clothing options. This allows us to not have to hold inventory or print on items that may never sell, freeing up time, space, and funds. 

Need to raise funds through sales?

- We are able to tier our pricing for groups based on their needs. If you'd like a portion of the proceeds to go to your agency, union, etc. We can help facilitate this with bi-annual donations of a portion of the proceeds back to your agency, union, etc.

What do we need to get started?

In order to get an online store set up, we need your logo and an idea of what products you'd like to have available and your design vision. We will work with you to get the products created and uploaded to your individual page within Hold The Line. 

What about embroidery?

We now offer embroidery services in house. We can embroider on hats, polos, sweatshirts, etc. for your needs. While this service is not a print on demand product, we will work with you to be able to fulfill these needs. 

Have more questions?

If you're interested or have more questions regarding an online store, reach out to Jake by email at