Tpr. Wolfe Benefit


We deeply care for and support our MSP family. One of them is in need of support and I am asking for anyone to help. Anthony Wolfe is a Trooper with the MSP Flint Post and is currently admitted to the hospital, on a ventilator, leaving his wife and three children at home. I pray that he pulls through this so he can come home and be with his family again. 
When situations like this occur, people struggle to ask for help. From being off work to take care of three children, managing house bills, hospital bills, gas traveling to and from the hospital, meals, etc. The situation itself is stressful enough, any support to lighten the burden of these expenses is what I am asking for. Please pray for improvement for Anthony and his family to be together again. Any donations can be sent directly to his wife’s venmo to help with these expenses. Feel free to send me a message if you would be so considerate to help this family in any way.
Here is a bit about Anthony and his current condition:
On Friday the 15th, Anthony was admitted to the hospital as he had developed severe bacterial pneumonia from being sick with the flu. His condition became critical the next night. At that time, his doctors had decided it was best to sedate Anthony and place him on a ventilator to try and help his body fight off the infection and allow his lungs to recover. It has now been a week since he was placed on the ventilator and there has not been much improvement to his condition or his lungs so far. Early this morning, Anthony was transferred by air to a new hospital where he will have access to a higher level of care. His transfer went well and his condition is stable at this time. At this time he is in the intensive care unit, sedated, and on high settings in the ventilator. We are hopeful that his new doctors will be able to find the best course of treatment to get him healthy again so we can bring him home.
Any prayer, donation, support is greatly appreciated. You have made a difference in their lives and they can’t thank you enough.